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Field Spaniel Information 2022

Dog Name Best

Field Spaniel originated from England in the 19th century. The field Spaniel branched out of the cocker and then combined with the Sussex. The dog is gentle in temperament and intelligent in nature. It is a good pet dog.

The historical origin of field Spaniel

During the breeding process in the 19th century, there were certain damages in blood and reputation, which threatened the survival of this breed of dogs. People love it very much, but for some reason, it has never performed well at the dog show. In the registration of the American Dog Association, many breeds of dogs have been disqualified.

Field Spaniel's habits

Field spaniel is very clever, highly sensitive, and gives people a very lovely feeling. He has a very independent personality. His mind is very smart and smart, and his feelings with people are very close. If it's the first time you want to meet, the blank will still be reserved for you. Serious defects: shyness, stage fright, timidity and aggressiveness. It's very symmetrical because it combines beauty with utility.

It's a very suitable partner for people. He is of medium build, very active in character, and full of endurance. Its posture is very noble; it has a proud attitude, but it is very clever and obedient; it has a very standard movement, looks very relaxed and free. Compared with any single part, its coordination, gait, posture and use are more important.

Field Spaniel's figure

The essence of field spaniel is that every part of the body is in perfect harmony. Size: when it reaches maturity, the shoulder height should be about 18 inches (male); about 17 inches (female). Up and down can be within an inch of error. Scale: it is a very symmetrical type, its body length is slightly larger than the shoulder height, and its ratio is about 7:6 (body length: the horizontal length from the front part of the shoulder blade to the last point of the hip). Physical fitness: field Spaniel has a very strong and firm body structure, a very suitable bone mass, and a very smooth muscle tissue, which is quite stable and firm.

Average Size
10 - 12 Years
1ft 4in - 1ft 6in