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French Bulldog Information 2021

Dog Name Best

French Bulldog is a small dog with strong body and compact body, and an excellent family companion. However, it has no sense of boundary with its owner, and even wants to share the owner's favorite seat. The dog has always been fun and friendly, but needs strict guidance. It is a descendant of the British Bulldog that was brought to France in the 19th century.

Introduction to French Bulldog

French Bulldog originated in France and is the descendant of English Bulldog. From the middle of 19th century, French Bulldog was brought from England to France by French and improved to today's breed. This kind of dog is much better than the British Bulldog. It is a family dog with short body, heavy body, short and huge head, prominent mandible, wide shoulder, strong and short limbs, round, big and convex eyes, erect and big ears, short and dense coat, smooth and glossy, black body, white spots or black spots on white background. The body height is 30cm, the weight is 12kg, the step is steady, the personality is steady, gentle, and responsive.

History of French Bulldog

French Bulldog is native to France. The ancestor may be the English Bulldog, especially the toy bulldog with vertical ears. Around 1860, many toy Bulldogs came from England to France, crossed with other breeds of local dogs, and eventually became this kind of French bulldog with flat head, rose ear or bat ear. In 1868, a small Bulldog appeared in Paris, which may be the earliest French Bulldog. In 1871, when the Paris castle was surrounded by Prussians, there were already quite a number of them. In 1889, French Bulldog was exhibited for the first time, which soon attracted people's attention and love. Edward VII, who owned the dog, reached its peak in 1913.

Feeding and breeding points of French Bulldog

Suitable for city breeding. It's not heat-resistant. Check the wrinkles on the eyes and face regularly.

French Bulldog's favorite thing is to "communicate" with the host. Walking with the host, playing games together, and even talking to it can make it feel satisfied. French Bulldog is very obedient to its owners and is one of the easy to domesticate dogs.

From its infancy, French Bulldog should be used to distinguish between good and bad, what can be done and what can't be done, praise it if it is right, and criticize if it does wrong.

French Bulldog is not heat-resistant, and the hot and humid summer is its worst season. Therefore, it is very important to choose to use air conditioning at home and take it out for a walk in cool time.

Like the standard bulldog, French Bulldog has the same physiological defect as the narrow nose wing. It is easy to have dyspnea in summer and die of heatstroke. Therefore, the breeders should pay more attention to it. It is strictly forbidden to take it out for a walk at noon. Take plenty of water for it when walking, and let it drink enough and free.

French Bulldog has more wrinkles on its face. If you don't wipe it frequently, it will be wet and prone to skin diseases. Therefore, the breeders should pay attention to the "wrinkles on the face".

Beauty care

They are short haired dogs, so it's easy to have a beauty. Basically, take a bath and cut your nails. Remember to keep the lovely wrinkles on their faces dry.

Unfortunately, French Bulldog has a lot of health risks, all related to respiratory diseases. Their respiratory system is so special that they can't breathe smoothly. They are also prone to thyroid disease, eye inflammation and spinal disease.

Suitable population

French Bulldog is smart, agile, cheerful, friendly, quiet, rarely barking, small size, does not take up space, easy to get along with other dogs. The dog is easy to manage and does not need to comb the coat frequently. It is very suitable for raising in urban apartments and playing with children. It is one of the recommended dog breeds for family pet dogs.

Average Size
11 - 14 Years
0ft 11in - 1ft 1in