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German Shorthaired Pointer Information 2021

Dog Name Best

German shorthaired pointer is a friendly, intelligent and helpful dog. The first impression is warm and eager to work, with no sign of nervousness or attempt to escape.

Introduction to German shorthaired pointer

The German shorthaired pointer is a versatile hound, a versatile gun hound, capable of performing difficult tasks in water and land. When judging German shorthaired pointer in dog show, we must consider whether it can reflect this basic feature. What is reflected in the eye of the observer should be an aristocratic, very stable, well-balanced animal. The overall structure shows strength, endurance, agility and looks very smart. It is not a small exaggeration, but also not unreasonable. The impression is of medium build, but much like a strict hound, "with a short back, but a body of sufficient length when standing.". Symmetry and field adaptability are fundamental. So, in the wild, a solid but lean dog is not a defect; in any case, an obese or muscular dog is a defect. A smooth and coordinated German shorthaired pointer is much more ideal than a German shorthaired pointer with equally prominent advantages and disadvantages. Elegant outline, well-defined head, sloping shoulder blades, deep chest, powerful back, strong limbs, good skeleton, sufficient muscles, tail in the right position and neat coat show nobility and inherit the ancient tradition of this breed. It is more obvious that the traditional place lies in the smooth, harmonious and vigilant movements. Similarly, there is no unnecessary movement.

The origin of German shorthaired pointer

German shorthaired pointer originated in the 18th century. Speaking of the origin of German shorthaired pointer, it takes Spanish Boeing dachshund as its main blood line, and then copulates with Italian and British Boeing dachshunds to produce a new blood line, namely German shorthaired pointer.

The great Minster was once a color variant of the German long haired dog, which also originated in the middle ages. In 1908, the association of German long haired dogs excluded black and white color varieties from the breeding program and crossbred them with Newfoundland, Irish and Gordon setters.

Their ancestors came from some hounds imported from the East after the crusade. They were improved and bred in the 19th century and were recognized by the American dog club in 1930.

The character of German shorthaired pointer

Smart, positive, learning, loyal, brave. German shorthaired pointer is a kind of friendly, intelligent and helpful dog. The first impression is warm and eager to work, with no sign of nervousness or attempt to escape. This dog can be friendly with children, other dogs and any other domestic pets. Can also do the duty of a watchdog. They are quiet, reliable, binding, neither shy nor over excited.

Population distribution of German shorthaired pointer

The dog can hunt quail, grouse, quail, Sandpiper, duck, hare, raccoon, kangaroo and so on. It is also used to track and capture deer. No uncomfortable fur and webbed feet allow it to retrieve prey from complex terrain or cold water. German shorthaired pointer was the first to be recognized and issued a certificate of pedigree by the American Kennel Club in March 1930. The first German shorthaired pointer exhibition, which was approved by AKC, was held in Chicago International Dog Club from March 29 to 30, 1941. The first field test of the breed was approved by AKC on May 21, 1944 in Anoka, Minnesota.

Because there are too many dog breeds involved, the origin of German shorthaired pointer cannot be accurately described. In 1870, before the establishment of the pedigree certificate, there were few records available. German people interested in hunting had spent many years trying to breed a truly versatile practical working dog breed to meet the needs of local users.

In German shorthaired In pointer's body, we found the characteristics of some dogs, such as the quality of a loyal indicator hound; the quality characteristics of a keen olfactory tracking dog; the quality characteristics of a duck hunting dog; the quality characteristics of a hunting dog who is born to hunt the target on land or in water, and has a favorite shape and plaque, strength and endurance; and The quality characteristics of a smart family guard dog and its companion. This dog with many advantages, combined with its good appearance, suitable temperament and long life span, makes German shorthaired pointer popular among athletes all over the world.

Average Size
12 - 15 Years
1ft 9in - 2ft 1in