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Labrador Retriever Information 2021

Dog Name Best

Labrador Retriever is native to Newfoundland, Canada. It belongs to the sports dog group in the AKC classification. According to his ancestry as a British hound, he was trained by local fishermen to pull nets and carry.

The history of Labrador Retriever

Newfoundland is the real birthplace of Labrador Retriever. Because Labrador is very close to Newfoundland, it is named Labrador Retriever. In Newfoundland, it was domesticated as a hound, and later British sports enthusiasts noticed the value of the dog and brought it to the UK.

After it was introduced into Britain in the 19th century, it was trained as a shotgun dog, and now it is mostly trained as a guide dog and a guard dog for detecting drugs and explosives. Labrador retriever has always been at the top of the dog's IQ ranking and is currently the most popular and trustworthy family dog.

In the early 20th century, Scottish shooting became popular in Europe and America. Employing a Scotsman as a hunting ground keeper was a symbol of identity and prestige. Labrador Retriever was also introduced into the United States. In 1917, AKC registered the first Labrador Retriever.

The character of Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is smart, alert and understanding. He is gentle and steady, neither dull nor too active. Be kind and loyal to people. Like to play, especially like to play games with others.

Labrador Retriever's fur is double-layer and magical. It has a soft layer of fluff that keeps them warm in cold water. It has a thick and hard outer layer, which is waterproof.

Matters needing attention

Labrador Retriever is also a very good guide dog. It has good trainability and obedience because it is usually greedy. If it is not trained, it will be difficult to tame, so that it will not listen to its master, destroy household goods. If you don't give them enough activity, they will show a destructive side, or they will appear overabundant by escaping boredom.

Average Size
10 - 12 Years
1ft 9in - 2ft 1in