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Lhasa Apso Information 2021

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Lhasa APSO is a small companion dog native to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. Its coat is long and thick. It looks like a little lion. Especially the head, ears and tail have the most developed coat, which can be dragged to the ground. Hair color has golden, cinnabar, black, white, gray, tea and other colors. The tail is upturned and in the shape of chrysanthemum.

Lhasa APSO generally weighs 6-7 kg and is 25-28 cm high. Although it is small and not ferocious in temperament, it has a strong body and excellent tolerance to harsh conditions. Therefore, Lhasa APSO has always been a guard dog of the Dalai Lama in Tibet. Its Tibetan name is transliterated as "APSO" (or "yabusu" or "afuzao") in Chinese and "APSO" in English, which means that they are like goats (because the long hair on their mandibles is similar to goat whiskers), and goats play a special role in Tibetan mythology.

The history of Lhasa APSO

Lhasa APSO has a history of 2000 years. Before the 20th century, the breed was rarely seen except in Tibet. There are many temples and lamas in Tibet. Lhasa APSO was originally used as the companion and guard dog of these monks. The dog was also regarded as a sacred thing by monks. It is believed that after the death of the breeder, the soul attached to the dog can bring good luck to the breeder. So it was impossible to buy this breed of dog at that time. But in history, the Dalai Lama also used Lhasa APSO as a gift to pay tribute to the imperial court and neighboring countries to make friends with high officials. Lhasa APSO is widely spread around the world for its gorgeous appearance.

Lhasa APSO's original Tibetan name (Chinese transliteration: APSO or yabusu or afuzao; English transliteration: APSO) has two meanings: one is "barking guard dog"; the other is "goat", because the long hair on its chin is like a goat's beard. This dog is mostly raised in Lhasa nobles and upper lamas, so it is also called "Lhasa afuzao".

Temperament characteristics of Lhasa APSO

They are tough, brave and bark loving. They have strong discrimination and vigilance towards strangers. They are good at guarding the door. They are also friendly, intelligent and obedient to their owners. Because Lhasa APSO is small, it is suitable to be raised at home and can be a good companion dog.

Maintenance management of Lhasa APSO

Lhasa APSO needs 180-380 grams of meat per day, plus the same amount of dry vegetable food or sugar biscuits, mixed with warm water and fed with clean water.

This dog also needs to have a considerable amount of exercise, usually to give the son a certain amount of time to run or walk freely. Proper exercise, can promote appetite, enhance physical fitness, and the reproductive function of dogs, also has a certain role in improving.

It is necessary to do cleaning and sanitation work every day. In addition to paying attention to its food hygiene, it is necessary to comb and brush it every day because of its long and rich coat. Grooming is done in the same way as other dogs.

Lhasa APSO has a habit of recognizing and not recognizing. Therefore, the best way to raise this kind of dog is to keep it from the puppies to the old, and do not change the owner midway. Otherwise, they will miss the old master, disobey the discipline and command of the new master, and it will not be easy to change after a long time.

This dog's disease resistance is not very strong, usually feeding, in addition to pay attention to cleaning and sanitation work, but also often observe its mental state, appetite, stool shape, nasal humidity and anus around whether there is stool stains, etc., once found abnormal or disease, should take measures to treat as soon as possible.

Average Size
12 - 14 Years
0ft 10in - 0ft 11in