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Miniature Pinscher Information 2021

Dog Name Best

Miniature Pinscher originated in Germany in the 19th century. It is small, strong and symmetrical with smooth fur. This lively little dog, with its tall and charming gait, is the ideal pet for town and country. Miniatur Pinscher is vigilant, intelligent and loyal. Although small but very brave, is an excellent family dog, is also a good mouse catcher, has a vibrant attitude. Doberman is easy to follow. Feeding tips: mini pinscher's fur is easy to care for. It can be made bright with wooden brush, comb brush and silk handkerchief. It needs to be cleaned and cleaned regularly. Although he only needs moderate training, the mini Doberman still needs to run and play freely on a regular basis.

Mini pinscher is lively, cheerful and strong. American dog fans love the way they walk. Before 1900, this kind of dog was unknown in Germany. Although it looks a bit like a Doberman, it has no genetic relationship with it. The Miniature Pinscher and the fawn are not the same breed.

The development history of Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher is a native breed of German dog, also known as deer dog because of its deer like shape. In many famous paintings in modern times, it has been popularized in European and American countries. It's been around for centuries. It's not the small Doberman you think it was. It's a German Doberman. The German Doberman breed is a mixture of genes from the Italian Greyhound and the dachshund. The Miniature Pinscher was born centuries ago, and the small Doberman (German for terrier) has appeared in Germany and Scandinavia. The breed was officially recognized and widely spread in Europe in 1870. In 1895, the German Doberman club was established, and miniaturepinscher was recognized. In 1920, Miniature Pinscher was introduced into the United States and was deeply loved by the local people. In 1929, the Miniature Pinscher Club was founded in the United States, and the breed was more prosperous in the United States than in the United Kingdom.

Morphological characteristics of Miniature Pinscher

Erect ears, high in position, can be clipped. Eyes full, bright, dark or pure black, slightly oval, with dark rims, except for chocolate dogs (eye color is consistent with body color). The nose is black except for chocolate colored dogs. The muzzle is strong but not slender and forms an integral part of the head, with the teeth in a scissors bite. The neck is slightly arched, with elegant curves, well-developed muscles and no dewlap. Chest developed, chest depth moderate. The topline is horizontal or slightly backward. The forelegs move parallel to the back, neither bending inward nor outward. Tail erect, tail high, truncated in place.

Hair color characteristics of Miniature Pinscher

The coat is short, smooth, glossy and clinging to the body. The coat is dark brown, which is typical of miniaturized pinscher. The lip, cheek, chest, mandible, larynx, front foot, hind foot, heel and lower side of tail are all yellowish brown. The better breed is the dog without white hair on chest.

Feeding method of Miniature Pinscher

When the living conditions and environment change suddenly, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, resulting in loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. Choose foods that are easy to digest.

In addition, the nutritional balance of food should be considered, and a certain amount of milk, rice soup, porridge or juice or vegetable juice should be given. With the growth of age a, you can gradually feed with broth, pasta, and some easily digestible meat such as chicken liver. Feeding should be regular and quantitative, to ensure the quality of food, fresh.

Do not feed deteriorated meat, vegetables, rice, can not feed puppies big bone, raw fish and other food. Dogs eat too much, easy to cause puppies indigestion. Therefore, it is better to eat less than much each time. In addition, there should be sufficient clean water for drinking.

Advantages and disadvantages

The fur is easy to care for. It can be made bright by combing with wood brush, comb brush and silk handkerchief. It needs to be cleaned and arranged regularly. Although mini pinscher only needs moderate training, it still needs to run and play freely on a regular basis.

Average Size
12 - 14 Years
0ft 10in - 1ft 1in