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Pomeranian Information 2021

Dog Name Best

Pomeranian, also known as the British bohemian. Because of its appearance like a small squirrel, it is commonly known as a squirrel dog. It is one of the world famous pet dogs and companion dogs.

Life habits of pomeranian

The name of Pomeranian comes from the name of Pomeranian in northeast Germany, and it was bred and bred by the valiant Prussian people. Therefore, it is generally believed that its origin is Germany. But looking back on the present and the past, even for hundreds of millions of years, it is undeniable that the Pomeranian and the Spitz were similar in blood. They lived in the cold Arctic Circle and were crossbred by Norwegian moose hunting dogs and arctic fox dogs.

When it comes to selling cute, it must be Pomeranian dog. Its hair is fluffy and long, and its face is relatively open. In this way, it can better see all the facial features of the dog. With the characteristics of Pomeranian's big eyes and small ears, it gives people a feeling of sweetness. How much money for Pomeranian depends on whether the dog is relatively close to the standard. The pursuit of excellent Pomeranian is the eternal dream of our people who love it. Pomeranian is recognized as "Queen of British Pomeranian" by Pomeranian lovers in the world.

Pomeranian is very active and active. Although he is small in size, he has lean bones, healthy and cheerful, and has personality. The most remarkable is his loyal and friendly personality. Although it belongs to a small breed of dogs, it will show a brave and fierce side in case of emergency.

The origin and history of pomeranian

In the 19th century, the dog was often seen on tugboats travelling to and from the Rhine. It became a skiber in Belgium, a Keith in the Netherlands, and then spread throughout Europe. The French call it Lulu, the Italians call it volpino, the British call it Pomerania, and the Russians call it Leica. In the 18th century, the Austrian composer Mozart had a pet Pomeranian. When he wrote Requiem, the dog was with him faithfully. When the musician died, the dog, as the only mourner, followed the music master's pivot to the cemetery of the poor.

Pomeranian is very popular in Europe and is a favorite pet dog for royalty and celebrities. Their striking appearance has attracted the attention of artists, and Pomeranian is found in many paintings. A. Ludwig Richter, a famous German illustrator of fairy tales, once painted for it. Mozart, the famous Austrian composer, is also a Pomeranian fan. On a visit to Florence in 1888, Queen Victoria fell in love with a white Pomeranian and brought it back to England. The Queen's move has undoubtedly boosted the popularity of Pomeranian.

Average Size
12 - 16 Years
0ft 7in - 0ft 11in