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Dog Name Best

Pug is a considerate and lovely small breed. This dog has a good clean personality, which is the reason why it is widely loved. The head is large, thick, not arched, apple shaped. Forehead does not shrink back, very bright, excited when full of enthusiasm. The wrinkles are big and deep. The eyes are big and dark. They stand out and stand out. The eyes were calm and eager. Some experts believe that the dog was born in the lowlands of Scotland and was brought back to the west by dutch businessmen from the Far East after it was spread to Asia.

Introduction to pug

Pug is charming and elegant. It was officially named "Pug" at the end of the 18th century. Because of its facial expression like a kind of small monkey called "Pug", hence the name. As for the origin of pug, some experts believe that this dog came from China, originated from the short haired breed of Beijing dog, and was later introduced into Japan and Europe, and became the pet of aristocrats.

Pug is very strong, gentle and elegant. The forehead is wrinkled, and the fur is smooth and beautiful. Its tightly coiled tail and fat face are interesting. Pug is a considerate and lovely breed of small dogs. It doesn't need too much exercise or regular grooming, but needs a companion. There are more wrinkles on the face and walk like a boxer. It communicates by grunting, breathing and sniffling like a horse. At the same time, the dog has a clean personality, which makes it increasingly popular companion dog.

History of pug

Pug may have been slightly larger in China about 400 years ago. The breed was brought back from China by Dutch sailors in the 16th century. When William III ascended the throne in 1689, he brought the dog to England. This is a stable breed, showing a stable, cheerful, charming, noble, friendly and lovely temperament.

Origin of pug

There are two versions of the origin of pug. One thinks that the dog was born in the lowlands of Scotland and was brought back to the west by dutch businessmen from the Far East after it was spread to Asia; the other thinks that the dog is an oriental breed, derived from the short haired breed of Peking dog, which was brought back to Europe by European businessmen and then mated with the bulldog. Because it was loved by European royal families and nobles, it spread all over Europe.

Morphological characteristics of pug

Pug is small and compact, with well-developed muscles; its head is slightly larger and round, and its snout is short, slightly square, and slightly tilted upward. Most of its teeth are mandibular incisors. The nose is flat and black, and the nose is not sharp. There are many wrinkles on the face. The muzzle is short and prominent. There are deep wrinkles on the forehead and the snout. The frontal segment is obvious. The eyes are dark and glossy, and the eyes are big, round and bulging Bright and lovely, but with wide distance, it gives people a feeling of melancholy and worry; the ears are small and thin, forward, triangular, soft and drooping to the outside, and touch like velvet. They are divided into rose ear and button ear, and the latter is popular. The body is thick, short and strong, the chest is wide and deep, the back muscles are rich, the limbs are short and upright, the forelimbs are vertical, the hind limbs are strong and strong, some forelimbs are slightly curved, and the feet are slightly elliptical, like rabbit feet. The toes are quite separated and the claws are black. The tail root is high, tightly curled on the back, and curling two layers is popular. The short coat is thick, soft and glossy. It is very beautiful. It has black, silver, apricot yellow and light yellow brown. In addition, because of its short hair and cold, should be paid attention to.

Pug's personality

Pug is friendly, curious and playful, flexible but not astute. Because the myna dog's competitive consciousness is not so strong, and the sense of resistance is also very weak, so it is very suitable for breeding in the city.

Feeding method of pug

When feeding Pug food, the meat (beef, chicken, fish) must be fresh, and the fish should be removed. The quantity of fish can be appropriate according to the dog's weight. 180-220 G is appropriate. Do not overfeed, otherwise you will get fat and lose your lovely image.

In addition to meat, also feed some vegetables and cooked beans or sugar free or sugar free biscuits and other vegetarians. The meat should be boiled with a small amount of water for 15-20 minutes, then chopped and fed. Therefore, meat should be cooked, one is to increase the flavor and induce appetite; the other is to kill bacteria and parasites in the meat to prevent disease.

Pug is a kind of greedy dog, so we must master the amount of food. Feeding time should be fixed to develop a good eating habits.

Pug is lively and playful, and must be given a certain amount of time every day. But this dog's respiratory tract is very short, carries on the intense movement, may cause the hypoxia because of the shortness of breath. Therefore, it is not appropriate to carry out excessive exercise, it is best to take it out for a walk in the morning and evening. When you go out, you should put on a collar to limit its running or strenuous exercise.

Average Size
12 - 15 Years
0ft 10in - 0ft 11in