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Dog Name Best

Puli, also known as Hungarian Puli, is a medium-sized dog, belonging to the shepherd dog, with an average height of 43.3 cm and a weight of about 13.6 kg. Its distinctive appearance makes it impossible to confuse it with other varieties. The thick and disordered fur covers the head like an umbrella, and the drooping hair covers the whole body until the tip of the tail does not curl. This rich state of hair makes it look larger than its actual size, which is extremely lovely. This dog is sharp and quick, and its gait is as elastic as a bouncing ball. Maybe this characteristic was despised by others a long time ago, but its dazzling errand work has been appreciated by shepherds.

Puli is a compact, square, well proportioned, medium-sized dog. Its very special features are his fluffy, thick coat and his brisk pace. Its thick, messy fur covers its head like an umbrella.

Suitable for city life, not suitable for hot weather, easy to get sick, can adapt to cold climate, need to comb the coat frequently, easy to train, excellent guard dog.

History of Puli

In the 16th century, the invaders killed a large number of Hungarians. In the 17th century, Western European people, together with their Merino Merino sheep and shepherd dogs, began to re-enter Hungary. Puli hybridized with French and German shepherd dogs to obtain the bohemian. After years of alternate use of the names of Puli and pomi, Puli is almost gone.

In 1912, Amy retsett began a plan to restore Puli. Two types of Puli fur were recorded, which were thick, disordered and curly. In 1915, the first standard to identify Puli was established.

Morphological characteristics of Puli

Puli's head is of medium size and in proportion to the body. Ears slightly higher than eyes, medium size, V-shaped, about half the length of the head. Eyes almond shaped, deep set, dark brown eyes and black (or dark blue gray) circles. The size of the end of the nose is appropriate, and the nose is black. The back is horizontal, strong, of medium length, with slightly sloping hips. Turn the tail up and blend into the tail. The forelimb is straight, strong, with medium bone mass and firm and flexible bones. Feet round, compact, toes arched, pads thick. The foot pads support Puli's whole body. The pads and toenails are black or dark blue gray.

Puli's personality

Puli is a rational and intelligent purebred dog, born with love, intelligence, love for family, get along well with other pets, especially loyal to the owner, is a good watchdog. This kind of dog is best to buy puppies, because it is rich in emotion and transferred over 3 years old. It will miss the old owner and do not eat or drink and suffer from Acacia.

Fur color characteristics of Puli

Puli's body is covered with a thick, weather resistant coat. The outer coat is wavy or curly, but not filamentous. The undercoat is soft, fluffy and very dense. The coat is very easy to agglomerate. If left to grow naturally, it will become rope like in adulthood. Ropes are hairy, varying in shape and thickness, flat or round, mainly due to the texture of the hair and the ratio of the undercoat to the coat. Puli looks like she's surrounded by ropes or roughened. The right double coat and the right texture are the essence. As you get older, the coat gets longer and longer, and even drags to the ground. So you need to judge the texture and quality of the hair according to its length, but you can't punish young or working dogs.

Puli's fur is solid color, including rust black, black, different shades of gray and white are acceptable; white stains on the chest (no more than 2 inches in diameter) are acceptable. Grey dogs with black and white hair are allowed when the overall color remains solid.

Advantages and disadvantages of Puli

It is suitable for urban life, not suitable for hot weather, easy to get sick, and can adapt to cold climate. It needs to comb the hair frequently and is easy to train. As a shepherd dog in Hungary, due to its high obedience, it is now used as a police dog.

Feeding methods of Puli

During the feeding process of Puli, water is absolutely indispensable. The breeder should always put a basin of water in a fixed place so that it can drink freely before and after eating and exercising. Especially in summer and autumn, the weather is hot and the water in the body evaporates quickly. If the water is not replenished in time, it is easy to cause water shortage in the tissues, even cause dehydration and affect the health of dogs. It is better to let dogs drink some glucose water after daily exercise.

Generally, the daily supplement of calcium powder for puppies under 1 year old is about 1 teaspoon per 2 dry grams of body weight. With the growth of age, the dosage of calcium powder should be increased proportionally. After 1 year of age, as the dog has entered the mature stage, the growth of teeth and bones has become stable, and the requirement of calcium powder is relatively reduced. The dosage of calcium powder is about 1 teaspoon per day for every 4.5 dry grams of body weight. But there should be appropriate outdoor exercise every day, after ultraviolet radiation, in order to facilitate the absorption of calcium.

Average Size
10 - 15 Years
1ft 4in - 1ft 6in