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Tibetan Spaniel Information 2021

Dog Name Best

Tibetan Spaniel originated from Tibet in the Himalayas. It is one of China's ancient dog breeds, and is also a kind of excellent dog with mysterious color. Later, it was introduced into the capital from Tibet and raised in the imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty, so it is also called court dog. This kind of dog is independent and confident, and is a satisfactory companion dog.

About Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan spaniel is a lively, small and very alert dog. The appearance gives the impression that it is very symmetrical, and the body length is slightly larger than the shoulder height. It's cheerful and confident, very smart, and avoids strangers. Although the name contains the word hound, but never participate in hunting activities, this is just a nickname. Unlike Pekingese dogs, Tibetan Spaniel has long legs and nose, so he has fewer breathing and back problems. Confident and independent, Tibetan spaniel is a great choice as a companion dog.

Tibetan spaniel is a native breed that needs to be rescued. Purebred dogs are very rare and even on the verge of extinction.

Origin of Tibetan Spaniel

Born in Tibet, Tibetan spaniel is a kind of miniature ornamental dog used by Tibetan nobles for entertainment and entertainment in the old days. It is also the smallest dog in the world. It is much smaller than the Chihuahua dog, a small dog bred in the West Spaniel is less than 15 cm tall and weighs only a few hundred grams (less than one kilogram). Most owners put it in the cuff to enjoy and play with it, so it is named "Tibetan Spaniel". Tibetan spaniel is a water-colored, lively, lovely, obedient, and easy to feed. It can be fed only by saliva. At present, the quantity is very few and very precious.

Tibetan Spaniel's character

Cheerful and confident, very smart, avoiding strangers. Easy to get along with children, is a good family pet. Independent and confident, Tibetan spaniel is a great companion dog. Unlike Pekingese dogs, Tibetan Spaniel has longer legs and nose, so it has less breathing and back problems. Disadvantages: Neuroticism.

Average Size
12 - 15 Years
0ft 9in - 0ft 10in