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Welsh Terrier Information 2021

Dog Name Best

Welsh Terrier is a solid, compact, solid medium-sized dog with rough, uneven bristles. Legs, lower body and head are yellowish brown; black (sometimes gray) "jacket" is on the back. The tail was cut off to make it a "square" dog with a body length roughly equal to the shoulder height. Its gait is the typical trot of a long legged terrier. Relaxed, good stretch and drive. Welsh Terrier is very friendly and can get along well with other people and dogs when going out. Show enthusiasm and courage. The Welsh Terrier expression is formed by the color and position of the eyes and the coordination with the ears.

Welsh terrier's temperament

Welsh Terrier is a playful, alert, intelligent and brave dog, but also shows friendliness and self-control. Smart and like to be please. In the game, excessive aggression and timidity are defects.

Average Size
10 - 14 Years
1ft 1in - 1ft 3in