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Wire Fox Terrier Information 2022

Dog Name Best

Wire Fox Terrier is a breed of dog produced by Fox Terrier in the 19th century. Its ancestors include thick black and white terrier and many Terrier lineages. The short haired Fox Terrier is produced by the short haired black-and-white terrier and the breed of Miguel bulldog and greyhound. This dog has served as a military dog and has a brilliant record. Wire Fox Terrier "delmateko" won the service medal in World War I with the British guards. 

Characteristics of wire Fox Terrier

Wire Fox Terrier is extremely intelligent and curious about new things, so as long as it is interesting, they are willing to learn, and can easily complete tasks, understand common dog diseases and daily behaviors, so that dogs can grow healthily.

Advantages and disadvantages

Foxhound Terrier is a popular family dog because of its deep feeling, cheerful, alert and warm personality and strong protection ability. However, it must be strictly trained to restrain its hunting instinct. The dog has a good sense of balance and always seems to be ready for the next move. The wire fox terrier's coat is compared to the fiber of a coconut.

Average Size
13 - 14 Years
1ft 1in - 1ft 4in